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Afterlife Communication

Everyone would like to communicate with someone who has passed away, wether it be a relative, past lover, or anyone you have a need for closure with. Are they okay wherever they are, would they be proud of who we have grown into, things that were left unsaid can haunt the memories of those we’ve loved. If you have a need to reach out to the other side we have some of the most successful methods for you to try. 

Ouija Boards

One of the most common methods of contacting the dead is the Ouija board. Ouija boards were developed as a kind of home board game version of the séance. It simplifies the practice, requiring only two people and a planchette pointer and lettered board that substitutes for the medium. While there is a lot of fundamentalist paranoia surrounding the Ouija board, with claims that they are portals to evil and controlled by demons, most users’ experiences are completely harmless, even dull.


A step above Ouija boards are seances. Practiced since at least the 18th century. They became more popular from the mid-19th century into the early 20th century. Seances are usually led by trance mediums who are able to channel the spirits of the dead and impart messages to the living participants. However these mediums have little control over which spirits may step forward or want to communicate.


EVP (electronic voice phenomena) is one of the newest ways people have found of communicating with the spirit world. With EVP, voices of unknown origin are recorded on tape or digital recorders; the voices are not heard at the time but are heard on playback. The quality and clarity of these voices vary widely. The worst ones are open to broad interpretation, while the best ones are clear and unmistakable. Ghost boxes are modified radios that sweep across the AM or FM bands, picking up bits and pieces of music and dialogue. The dialogue sometimes seems to answer a question, say a name or something else relevant in one- or two-word bites.


If none of these methods prove fruitful for your needs we have many gifted psychics to aid you in your needs.


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