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Abandoned Dreams

Do you not trust yourself in your current situation? Do you not appreciate others? Abandonment usually means that we have
a fear of losing others, or being excluding from others. Whether
it be in a group setting or one on one. The dreams we have give way to more personal matters in our real life.


If you feel abandoned in your dreams, this usually means you need to appreciate that person when you are awake.
Dreaming of being left by a significant other can usually mean that you need to let go of something, so you can
have a good time, and enjoy your life.


Dream dictionaries suggest there can be different meanings for what your dream is. The first meaning could be that you
need to let go of something in your life completely. The second scenario would be more negative that maybe you have been
abandoned in your awake life, by either a job, person, or significant other. I will give you some more examples of what these dreams
can mean.


If you are abandoned by a partner in your dream, this could indicate that you may need some freedom, and space, and you may want to reevaluate your relationship.

abandoned dreams

If you are abandoned by a child, this may indicate that you are feeling alone, and you may push people away in your awake
life, do you tend to run away from situations? From feeling of anxiety of being abandoned, this however,indicates that you
are a strong person and will be able to deal with anything life throws at you.

If you have abandoned your family in a dream, this means some hard times are coming your way, but you have to keep
your head up, and you will get past this.

If you abandon your home in your dream, this can mean that you will become financially rewarded at some point.

There is several different scenarios that your dreams could mean, to look further into this, going to see a psychic can also be
another way to be able to tell you what there is to these dreams, or if something positive or negative can be to these dreams.