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Abandoned Dreams

Dreams of being Abandoned

abandoned dreams

Everybody dreams. Sometimes we remember what we dream about sometimes we don’t. However when we have a specific dream especially a recurring one we might wonder what it could possibly mean. So if you have been dreaming about being abandoned this article will dive into what that can possibly mean.

So, dreaming about being abandoned could mean that you are afraid of losing someone or being left by someone. Maybe you have lost somebody in your past and your dream is a way of telling you that you are still upset about losing this person. Your feelings of abandonment need to be determined if you are missing this person or its just because you are dependent on them.

Abandoned dreaming

These feelings of abandonment allow an opportunity to take your fears head on, and allow to earn independence. Difficulties we face with feeling the loss of someone is because we have become dependent on that person. For instance if a partner leaves you, we might be in pain and feeling lost because we have become dependent on that person, with our hearts, a place to live, our social lives, money, being wanted by someone, and having our partner by our side, so when this person leaves us we feel great pain, and this could be a reason for your abandonment dreams.

Dreams Abandonedment

These dreams especially recurring our an opportunity to find out what you are feeling in your waking life. If this is because you need to figure out what you need to do to move on from this loss. Or just because you need to learn to be more independent and rely on yourself. This is the perfect time to dive into your emotional feelings and become aware of what you need to do.