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How to Ground Yourself

Re-grounding yourself is important. The mental and emotional tolls the world takes on you is draining, Your well-being needs to come before anything else, its a crucial part of your overall health and wellness. We tend to only prioritize our physical health and ignore our mental health, we only realize we have been neglecting this until we are at our breaking point, so here are some ways to learn how to re-ground yourself.

Two of the biggest tools to take care of your mental health and reground yourself are meditation and gems. So many of us are rushing through our lives from one thing to another, with no breaks. Or even when we take a “break,” we are scrolling through our phone or listening to music. There is tremendous power in silence. Especially deliberate silence, where we consciously choose to eliminate the noise and distraction and just be with ourselves completely. Setting a timer for five minutes a day of sitting in silence meditating can be immensely powerful. While you meditate put deliberate focus on the breath. The breath is a great tool because it’s always with us. And, again, deliberately choosing to slow our breath down has countless benefits to our body, our nervous system, our emotional well-being and our mind.

Some other ways to ground yourself include:


~Listen to music

~Get out of the house and get into nature

~Do something you’re good at and enjoy doing


~take things one step at a time

~make some new friends that you can trust

~Remember everything is temporary nothing is permanent

Remember your health is just as important as others, I know we all forget about ourselves at times but you cannot help others until your own well being is taking care of.



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